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While out cleaning up your yard please be mindful of where your meter is located.  We have had several instances of meter lids being destroyed by lawn mowers or meter lids and boxes being damaged from being run over.  The worse damage is usually caused when fire from burning debris/grass reaches the meter box.  The reading components attached to the meters are plastic and easily melt.  Below is an example of a new meter versus a meter that has been burned. 

Many of our customers do not realize that if the meter, box or lid is damaged by the customer it comes with a replacement cost to the customer.  The cost to replace a standard ¾” meter is $375.00.  Replacing the lid is $23.00 and replacing the box is $39.00.

Just an FYI as a side note – it is a violation of Louisiana Law to cut meter locks or otherwise tamper with meters.  Every customer should have a “shut-off” valve located somewhere on customer’s side of the meter. This allows the customer an easier way to turn off the water when there is a leak.  Customers found tampering with a meter can be prosecuted and charged a tampering fee of $250.00.

If you have any questions or concerns about your meter, please do not hesitate to call our office at 318-649-2788 or you can contact us through our website.